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Windows has had various different versions throughout the years, including Windows 8 which was released in , Windows 7 which was released in , Windows Vista which was released in , and Windows XP which was released in Windows 10 is designed to run on tablets as well as desktop and laptop computers.

Previous versions of Windows were primarily built for desktop and laptop computers. Many consumers complained that the previous version of Windows, Windows 8, was too sophisticated and difficult to use. As a result, Windows 10 looks and feels identical to prior versions. Despite this, it includes a host of new features and improvements. Quick Actions are a collection of tiles that provide quick access to commonly used settings and operations like Wi-Fi connection, or screen brightness.

Actions Taken Quickly. The majority of actions may be customized by simply clicking or touching on the tile. If you right-click the tile, you can go to more settings and choices. Windows 10 has a number of tools that can help you safeguard your computer from dangers such as viruses and malware. The three most significant security tools are as follows:. When this occurs, the screen will display a warning until an Administrator can validate the modification.

This safeguards your computer from unintentional modifications or malicious malware that alters your settings. Windows Defender is an antivirus and malware prevention program that comes preinstalled on your computer. It lets you search your computer for harmful malware as well as examine each file or program you open. The Windows Firewall protects your computer from illegal access from the outside world.

It is switched on by default to safeguard your computer and network. Finally, Windows 10 is an excellent commercial choice. The default operating system is now Windows 10, and future upgrades are unlikely to incorporate previous versions of the program. Using shortcuts makes you more efficient at doing certain tasks on your computer. This quick shortcut lets you do more with less effort. If no active window is present, a shutdown box appears.

F2 Rename selected item. Esc Close current task. PrtScn Take a screenshot and stores it in the clipboard. View Deal opens in new tab. F10 Enable app menu bar. Backspace Return to the Settings app home page. F11 Switch active window full-screen mode. F4 Switch focus to address bar. F5 Refresh File Explorer’s current view. F6 Cycle through elements on the screen.

Home Scroll to the top of the window. End Scroll to the bottom of the window. Tab Moves forward through the settings. Spacebar Checks or clears the option in focus. Backspace Opens the folder one-level app in the Open or Save As dialog. Arrow keys Select a button of the active setting.

Left or right arrow keys Move the cursor left or right in the current line. Up or down arrow keys Cycle through the command history of the current session. Page Up Move cursor one page up. Page Down Move cursor one page down. Alt or F10 Focus on the Settings three-dotted button. F1 Open Help page. F6 Switch focus to the next pane. F7 Enable or disable caret browsing. F9 Enter or exit Immersive Reader. F11 Enter fullscreen. Esc Stop loading page, close dialog, or close pop-up.

Spacebar or PgDn Scroll down the webpage one screen at a time. Tab Go to the next tab stop. End Scroll to the bottom of the page, or move keyboard focus to the last item of the pane. Keyboard shortcut Action Windows key Open Start menu.

Mark Guim. Topics Windows 10 Help. See all comments 8. This is probably the most useful shortcut list on the Internet! There are a bunch of bad ones And it’s great that MS has collected so many over the decades. But there’s one huge oversight on MS’s part, not the authors’ : There’s no shortcut for the calculator. That is like literally the worst thing in the world.



Windows 10 HotKeys – Shortcuts Cheat Sheet [Download PDF].List of all Windows 10 keyboard shortcuts: The ultimate guide | Windows Central

More Important Ideas For You:. Many consumers complained that the previous version of Windows, Windows 8, was too sophisticated and difficult to use.


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