How to Use Kitchen Cabinets Optimally?

Kitchens need to be structured in order to work properly there. A messy and unhygienic kitchen is never a good option since it serves one of the most important aspects of a household, cooking food. Even if you have a big and spacious kitchen, not keeping it organized can make it look off. 

So, you should manage and utilize every corner of your kitchen effectively. Ensure that your kitchen is clutter-free and well-organized. Have the stainless steel outdoor kitchen cabinets installed in such a way that they create both space and utility.

Here we have listed some effective points that you can follow to keep your kitchen space clean and use the kitchen cabinets optimally.

Identify the work triangle

Like every place, even the kitchen has a work triangle. In general, the work triangle of your kitchen includes the sink, the stove or kitchen stop and the refrigerator. To utilize your kitchen space and determine a proper space to set up the cabinets, you need to figure out and structure the work triangle first. This will help you place your cabinets effectively and get proper access to them. 

Identify the important spots

Before you design your kitchen, you would need to identify the different yet essential spots in your kitchen. These are the spots that you visit the most while working in the kitchen. These spots store all the crucial items that you would need. When you determine these spots, you will see that most of them come out as storage sections, which will help you determine the space you need for storage. Some of these spots are:

  • Dish and utensils- You would want to store these near the dishwasher since they are almost always required.
  • Baking supplies and food items- They should be near the stove since you would need them during cooking. However, these should be stored in a cool and dry place for maximum longevity.
  • Tools for cooking- These too should be stored near the stove and counter area for quick access during cooking.
  • Serving items- These do not need to be stored in the working triangle since you would not need them always. These include serving trays, dishes, etc.
  • Cleaning supplies- The cleaning supplies should be near the sink area since they are required with water.

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