Quartz vs. Granite Countertops

We all know that countertops are a key component of our kitchens and bathrooms. But do you know the different options in countertop materials? Of the vast variety of options available on the market, quartz and granite are two widely used ones. Although quartz is one popular option, it has its drawbacks as well. Likewise is the case of granites, it also has pros and cons. So, the key here is to choose a material solely based on your preferences.

As an example, some people prefer the look of quarts over granite. Quartz counters have a more glossy finish that doesn’t require polish as often as granite does. Moreover, quartz counters also hold up better in damp environments like kitchens or bathrooms. It is because quartz is less porous when compared to other stones such as marble or limestone. You can check out a wide range of quartz and granite materials for countertops at Graniteausommet.com.


Granite is a natural stone. They are taken out from quarries and cut into thin slabs, polished, and fabricated to be used on countertops. Whereas, quartz is engineered with a combination of natural quartz stone and some other minerals. They don’t directly come from quarries, instead they are made from byproducts of natural stones. Quartz countertops are also comparatively heavy, which would make their installation hard and complex.

Granites are very strong and durable. So, you know which one to choose if you are looking for a longlasting and strong countertop.


Granite, unlike quartz, comes in different colors and patterns. And that makes each granite countertop unique. As quartz countertop is an engineered product, they appear more uniform in color, pattern, and design. If you want a natural and unique appeal, then it would be better to go with granite. Whereas, quartz brings an artificial look to your countertop.


As quartz countertops are not quarried from the earth, they are significantly less expensive to produce. Therefore, it can be a more affordable choice than natural stone. Whereas granite countertops are quarried from the earth, and that makes them more expensive than quartz.

Both quartz and granite are made of pure minerals. They have many advantages and disadvantages over one another. With quartz, you get to choose between different colors, patterns, and finishes. However, if you opt for granite, the colors and patterns are limited in numbers but will be unique.

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