5 Simple Boiler Maintaince Tips for Homeowners 

A boiler is one of the most valuable assets you can have at home. However, most homeowners overlook boiler maintenance until it is late and need New Boiler Installation. If you have a boiler at home, the best you can do is to keep an eye on it to fix all issues before it breaks down.

Boilers are costly to acquire, repair, and replace. When the boiler is not functioning correctly, it will cost you more on utility bills. It may even put you and your family in danger. You want to ensure your boiler works efficiently by observing the following maintenance tips at home.

1 – Schedule routine maintenance 

To keep your boiler working efficiently, ensure you service it every year. Prevent unnecessary breakdowns to maximize the longevity of the boiler. When you service the boiler yearly, you stick to the manufacturer’s warranty.

You can reach out to a safe gas engineer to check all the elements of your boiler and ensure all elements of the boiler are intact and working well. The engineer will identify all issues in the boiler and have them fixed.

2 – Check the pressure 

To ensure the water boiler is circulating water in all the radiators and pipes, you should ensure the boiler operates within the required pressure. 

Check the pressure gauge and ensure it works on the correct level as specified in the user’s instructions. If you realize the pressure is about low or high, you can make adjustments.

3 – Check radiator issues 

When inspecting your water boiler, you should regularly check if there are issues with the radiator. The most common problem with radiators is they get cold at the bottom and hot at the top when debris and dirt build-up in the system.

When the radiator is not working correctly, you will spend more on electricity bills. Therefore, you can contact a heating engineer to perform a power flush. If the radiator does not heat and the valve is open, you can opt to replace it.

4 – Keep the boiler in an open space 

Another maintenance tip is ensuring the boiler is well-ventilated round the clock. Most boilers operate well in open spaces. Make sure the boiler is not too cluttered. You can house the boiler in a cupboard and leave some gap between it and the wall.

5 – Check for dripping from the overflow pipe 

When the overflow or external pipe is dripping water, it is not working accordingly. You should have a local heating engineer check and fix it. According to recent flue regulations, you are required to ensure the flues remain visible and easy to spot. 

If you cannot spot the flues easily, it indicates that you should have the boiler fixed immediately. 

Final Thoughts

A water boiler is essential equipment at home, so you should keep it running efficiently. We recommend regular maintenance on your boiler to ensure it is working properly. Hire a licensed heating engineer to check and fix any issues in your boiler.


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