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Although most commercial cleaners will offer their own equipment, it is advisable to have extra cloths, towels, and mop heads on hand. It’s also a good idea to have cleaning products like disinfectant spray, garbage bags, and rubber gloves on hand. If you want a certain product to be used on a specific surface, give the cleaners enough warning beforehand.

Every item must be properly labelled so that it may be discovered and acquired with ease. If you will be absent during the cleaning, please inform the cleaners in advance or leave a note pointing them to the bathroom or storage area where they may obtain more cleaning supplies.

Display compassion and charity toward others

Anyone who has worked in customer service knows that a little act of kindness can go a long way in establishing a positive impression. In addition to being more pleasant to work with and for individuals who admire you, being a model customer may motivate your home cleaning service to go above and beyond when necessary. You should make an attempt to get acquainted with the individuals that clean your house.

Even if it should go without saying, housekeepers and other cleaning staff are not considered to be hired servants. One approach to express gratitude is to equip them with all the knowledge they need to do their tasks effectively and to be ready to answer any questions they may have. Also prevalent is the confusion between home cleaners and handymen. You may put a possible partner in an unpleasant position if you ask them to help with duties such as clearing out the attic or mowing the lawn. You can trust on the Fort Collins House Cleaning Services in this case.

Now the trick is to earn your housekeepers’ esteem. You may assist them in rehydrating by providing water and iced tea in the refrigerator and encouraging them to serve themselves as needed. If you are at home, you may bring them a snack or put one out with a note instructing them to feed themselves whenever they get the opportunity.

Any particular instructions about your pet

Please inform the maid service in advance if you have pets, so that they can make the required preparations. You probably don’t want your maids to meet your dog by chance, do you? Informing the home cleaning service in advance that your dogs will be there assures that they will bring the necessary specialized equipment to deal with dog hair and messes.

You should inform the cleaners of the number of pets you have, their kind, if they will be confined, and any particular management requirements. To prevent interruptions, dogs should always be contained in a separate room or a safe kennel. Cats may wander freely around the home if permitted by the housekeepers; otherwise, they should be kept to one room with access to their food and litter box.

Considerable Elements to Consider Please inform me whether you will be there to oversee my cleaning tasks.


Be kind and helpful to the cleaners when they first come, but then give them space to perform their work. They need to know which rooms to clean first and where the additional cleaning supplies are stored, but if they converse too much, they will be less productive.

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