Six signs your parking lot lights need an upgrade!

Hey there, business owner! Have you ever come back to the parking lot at night to look for your car and tried to spot it in darkness? It can get complicated! We’re sorry but, dated and insufficient parking lots are a major turn-off. They not only present a danger, but can also frighten away customers. It makes your business appear, if not shady, at least less reputable.

However, how do you know if you need parking lot light upgrades Menifee? Fear not; we will help you out. Here are six signs it’s time to ditch the dingy and embrace the bright:

1. The Flickering Fifty

Well, the truth is, a disco ball would be more appropriate in a club than in your parking space. If your lights make a repeated rhythm of brightness and darkness, it`s not merely a random flash show. It is a symbol they are at their end and could leave your customers struggling, groping in the dark. Try and imagine grabbing for your key whilst the night owls are singing –is this what you really want for your welcome? Certainly not, isn’t it?

2. The “change a light bulb?” Show

Do your maintenance records have the look of a lighthouse keeper’s logbook? If you are always buying new light bulbs, it wastes your time. It also means you are losing money as well. LEDs are energy efficient, which means you do not have to replace them every few months.

3. The “Safety in Shadows” Myth

Now, let’s agree – a well-lit parking lot provides a safe parking. The breeding ground for accidents and criminal activities is the presence of dark corners and the exits with little light. Of course, nobody would like to think of having his or her vehicle bumped or even stolen while they are walking to it. Improving your lights will make the entire area much brighter creating therefore, a safer environment.

4. It is “Customer Conversion Chameleon”

Have you ever pondered the impact lighting can have on customer conduct? The space will be appreciated more when it is cosy and brightly lit. For example, try to imagine yourself as a shopper. Would you rather shop in a brightly lit clothing store or one which is in the shadows? The replacement of your lights is a little investment that will result in beautifying the whole property. It can contribute to an increase in customers and sales. Therefore, say goodbye to the Batcave feel and customize your space to make it look like a lively place.

5. The “Eco-conscious Entrepreneur”

We all want to protect our environment and actually, the lights in your parking lot can foster this idea. Old fixtures are like energy vampires that feed constantly. The LEDs can reduce your energy consumption to a great extent. It is really cost effective and lowers the impact on the environment. Become the champion of the environment and your bank account with a lighting upgrade.

6. Too dim!

Curb appeal is important. Do the other businesses near you have new LED lights that look magnificent? But yours have kind of faded after years, then that might not send out the right vibes. Switch to more advanced lighting and impress your customers by demonstrating that your business is progressive and on the cutting edge. The top factors to consider should include safety, aesthetics and environmental issues.

To sum up 

So, there you have it! Are any of these signs relatable? If that’s the case, it’s likely your parking lot has been plunged into the darkness and it’s time to part away with the dark days and welcome a more vibrant parking lot. Needless to say, your parking lot light upgrades Menifee is necessary!

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