What Are 5 Important Signs of Major Plumbing Problems in Your Stepping Stone, CO Home?

Located five minutes east of I-25 in Parker, Douglas County, Stepping Stone is a stunning master-planned community with immense offerings. The Shea Homes community boasts amenities such as a clubhouse, four community parks, and an Olympic-size pool, making it the perfect place to call home. However, buying a home in Stepping Stone CO is about more than the local amenities. If you are in the home-search stage of your home-buying process, you may want to look out for these five subtle but unmistakable signs that your new home may have major plumbing problems.

Discolored Pipes and Unusual Watercolor

As your agent shows you homes for sale in Stepping Stone, keep an eye out for discolored pipes, especially under the kitchen sink and around unions. Discolored pipes are a sign of leakages and pooling moisture caused by drain line or sink dripping or a slow leak in the supply line – a more serious problem. Also, open several faucets around the home and assess the water coming out. If the water is yellow or brown, the home may have a rust problem. Other colors indicate different problems.

Slow Drains and Weak Water Flow

As you open a few faucets in the home also pay attention to the water flow. Low water pressure or a slow stream may indicate a problem with distribution. If the water is only slow in one faucet, the problem should be easy to fix and may likely be a faucet aerator malfunction. However, if the pressure is low in multiple places in the house, there could be a problem with the water main or a leak in the supply line. These and a slow drain are all signs of a plumbing problem.  

Sewer Odor

One of the most tell-tale signs of plumbing problems in a home is sewer odor. While sewer refuse runs through your home, you should never be able to smell it. All drains in your home have a trap (water plug) and vent, which keep sewer gas from entering your home, channeling it out through the roof. If you can smell sewer gas inside a home, the vent line may be broken, or the trap may have run dry.  

Sunken Areas or Green Patches in the Yard

You can tell you have a plumbing problem even before you walk into the house. A common sign of sewer issues is a sunken area in your yard or a patch of grass that is especially greener than the surrounding areas. Usually, the suspect area will be located between the house and the street or in the path of the sewer line.

Bubbling Paint

The roof and walls can also alert you to a plumbing problem. If you notice signs of peeling or bubbling paint, this may be a sign that there is leaking moisture in your home, either in the roof or plumbing system. You may also notice brown spots or blistering in the wall or ceiling.

Start Looking at Stepping Stone Homes with Local Expert Erica Dufford

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