Using Pre-Cut Hardwood Pallet to Guarantee a Safe Shipment

If you are operating a business that involves ordering shipping boards, you must know about your options. When it comes to these boards, you usually have to pick between plastic shipping boards and lumber pallet boards. Although plastics have been used by some companies, pallet boards are still the preferred material for shipping and transporting products. When manufactured properly, these Spec Wood pallet components are strong shipping containers. This is the reason a lot of businesses depend on hardwood pallets when they ship and handle products. 

Pallet boards are made from lumber which is often pre-cut to serve as shipping containers. As they are utilized for transporting heavy loads, the lumber must be of high quality.  

Hardwood Pallets vs Plastic Pallets

Both hardwood and plastic pallets are utilised as shipping containers. However, there are some benefits you can gain when you use wooden pallets:

  • Price. Pallets made from wood are more affordable than their plastic counterparts, especially when you purchase them in bulk. Whether you use cedar or pink pallets, shipping products with wooden pallets will ensure you will not get the shipment back. 
  • Reusability. Pallet boards made of hardwood can be recycled and are bridgeable, making them a sustainable choice. While plastic has a lot of uses, it can accumulate and lead to environmental damage. Pre-cut lumber pallet planks will not lead to waste buildup. 
  • Capacity. For big shipments, hardwood pallets can accommodate the weight. In general, wooden pallets can carry heavier loads than plastic pallets, ensuring the safe transport of the shipment. Also, wooden pallet boards can be customised to fit your needs. 

Lumber Grades

Pallet lumber is categorised as “low grade,” which means the lumber was obtained from the tree’s core. Lumber that is cut from the tree’s outer layer is considered high-grade since it appears clearer and with fewer flaws. However, this does not mean this lumber is high quality. 

The grades of lumber are based on look. They can go up or down depending on the smoothness of the lumber and the blemishes on the surface. When you purchase pallet boards, lumber grade is not important as it does not reflect wood quality. What’s important is that the boards meet your specifications such as weight requirements and are durable. In terms of these qualities, hardwood pallet boards are a preferred choice. Due to hardwood’s high density, it can withstand harsh conditions and has a higher loading capacity utilising less material. 

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